Close Call

OK, there is a flaw in the plugin.

Well, not actually, just a flaw in my assumptions. The premise that you can upload a GEDCOM anytime to update your data was based on an assumption: every time you export a GEDCOM from your ‘system of record’ (the program you use to maintain the data), it assigns the same ids. That way the plugin knows what data to update, even if a name changes ever so slightly.

Having finished a couple of projects, I started paying attention to my own site today. The focus was on sources and citations – and I noticed that an id got reused!

I won’t bore you with the details (those of you still with me) but bottom line, if I copy a partial tree from one file to another in RootsMagic, the ids get reassigned; I MUST export from the same file every time, otherwise the ids get screwed up, and I will change data I didn’t mean to when I upload into rootspersona.

Close call, and something watch for. Open to suggestions regarding what to do if a name changes for an id

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