RootsPersona 3.0 is live!

That’s right, RootsPersona 3.0 is live!

After two months of development and beta testing, the 3.0 release of RootsPersona is ready for prime time! Thanks to Mark Harris, who sponsored the enhancement, website managers may now edit their genealogy data within the plugin.

Simply check the System of Record YES box on the options page, and new edit features will be unlocked.

The new version also supports enhanced error reporting, support for multi-site WordPress installs, and Top Ten Surname widget for your sidebar.

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4 Responses to RootsPersona 3.0 is live!

  1. Update is great! Also the problem “no space between surname” is solved.
    It is a pitty that there is no search possibility on surnames. I have about 1500 inputs and it takes a lot of time to find a specific name. I have been looking for a plugin but up to now nothing found. Again Roots persona is a great plugin!

    • Ed says:

      The standard WordPress search box works fine for finding individuals – there was no need for RootsPersona to create its own

  2. Mike Hart says:

    Hi Ed,
    As usual your enhancements are right on the money. I am setting up an additional wp site for a cousin. He wants to be able to edit and add people to his tree. 3.0 is perfect for what he wants to do. In order for him to make the changes it appears he needs to be set up as a user level “administrator”. The problem with that is, it gives him to much access to editing other site functions or appearance. Can I lower the editing authority in roots persona to user level “editor”.
    If this is a wp issue I need to address let me know.

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