JavaFX from the Trenches – JFXtras Spinner Controls

Up until now I have been happy to use the standard set of JavaFX controls in Evidentia, my commercial product written in JavaFX. However I have an enhancement in the works for which I wanted a little something extra, and a spinner control made sense. Enter JFXtras. I basically wanted to present the user the ability… Read More »

JavaFX from the Trenches – Singleton Controllers

My genealogy application, Evidentia, uses a LOT of stages. Those stages are REUSED a LOT of times. In order to reuse the stages in the most efficient way possible (memory and CPU wise), I implemented the good ole Singleton design pattern. Now this isn’t glamorous, but then “From the Trenches” is about the day to… Read More »

Custom Page Templates in RootsPersona 3.1

There is an excellent post about the new Custom Page Templates feature that was added to Rootspersona in 3.1 Check it out at Web503! And a great tutorial on using shortcodes and adding tabs to your Perosna page! Ed

RootsPersona 3.1 is live!

It has been a while since I have put out an update to RootsPersona, but a compatibility issue with WordPress 3.5 (actually with the latest jQuery version) and a generous donation from a sponsor resulted in a pre holiday special. 3.1 is compatible with 3.5. There are also a couple of other bug fixes (404… Read More »

JavaFX from the Trenches – Part 1 – Native Packaging

I recently released a commercial app (Evidentia) for the PC and MAC. That’s right, PC and MAC AT THE SAME TIME! In my analysis of languages I code in, Java, and by extension JavaFX2, comes the closest to a true “write once, deploy anywhere” framework. However the process is NOT painless, and in this series… Read More »

RootsPersona 3.0 is live!

That’s right, RootsPersona 3.0 is live! After two months of development and beta testing, the 3.0 release of RootsPersona is ready for prime time! Thanks to Mark Harris, who sponsored the enhancement, website managers may now edit their genealogy data within the plugin. Simply check the System of Record YES box on the options page,… Read More »

Generous User Sponsors Enhancement.

Due to popular demand and the support from a generous sponsor, I am currently adding the ability to edit persona data from within the program. This will allow someone with edit privileges to add/edit persons, including almost all the fields displayed by rootspersona. Users may add a person and build a tree from scratch, or… Read More »

Microdata added to rootspersona

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the live feeds from RootsTech 2012, tweeting at the same time. Up until then I had not payed much attention to HTML5 attributes. Not that I wasn’t looking forward to a world without Flash, I just didn’t have time. But after RootsTech, I found an incentive. Microdata is a new feature… Read More »

rootspersona DEBUG

OK, after working with many folks on how to debug rootspersona, I have added a debug flag to the options menu in version 2.3.1. If you are having a problem, please: 1) check the debug box on the rootspersona options screen 2) execute the problematic code 3) send me the output from http://yoursite/wp-content/debug.log 4) you… Read More »